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Xiaomi Redmi Y3 Price, Specifications, Features in India


Xiaomi Redmi Y3 Full Specification

If the Redmi Note
7 Pro is centered around the rear camera, then the Redmi Y3 Selfie is its polar opposite with a stronger focus on the camera.
The price of both smartphones is also the same, which makes it clear that
 if you want a selfie phone, the Redmi Y
3 is what it is known for, while the Note 7 Pro is for everyone else. But selfie is not the only thing that one can do with a phone. The Redmi Y2 addressed it well last year, combining good performance with good cameras on both sides. Can Redmi Y3 repeat the feat? let's find out.

It has a similar gradient color design with standard black finish as well as a dual tone finish in both blue and red. However, there are subtle differences in design between the two. The gradient of the Redmi Y3 is the vertical stripes running down the rear panel with a color change shadow after each line in double tone. Also, unlike the Note 7 Pro, the Redmi Y3 is made of polycarbonate which cures fingerprints to a great extent, but retains smudge and sweat marks easily. The frame also seems to be made of plastic, but with a smooth polish that gives a feel of ambulance. However, the buttons feel vague and may be the first thing that stops working after prolonged use.
Xiaomi Redmi Y3 Full Specification
The front fascia is protected with LCD display with Gorilla Glass 5. The display itself takes up most of the real estate, but leaves enough room around the edges, so it's not a particularly bezel-less display, although the screen-to-body ratio is impressive at 86.7 percent. This is possible due to the small U-shaped notch that leaves more space for the status bar icon above the front camera and other sensor displays.

Overall, the design of the Redmi Y3 looks great, but I'm afraid that the gradient color has been designed to death over the past year and soon, the Y3's unique look may become mainstream.

camera रिव्यु

The Redmi Y3 is a selfie-centric smartphone with a 32MP front camera. At the rear is the 12 + 2MP setup which is similar to the Redmi 7's f / 2.2 mainly lens and 1.25um pixel pitch. What it also sets apart is the apparently high-resolution selfie camera embedded in the water-drop notch. The camera work is similar to the 48MP rear camera of the Redmi Note 7 Pro. The selfie camera binds four pixels into one to create a super pixel that allows for high photosensitivity. As a result, by default your selfie will expire in 8MP. You can also manually turn on the high-race 32MP mode, but we recommend you stick to the default 8MP mode.
Xiaomi Redmi Y3 Full Specification

Dual rear cameras rely heavily on AI algorithms to bring out good colors and contrasts. The AI   takes some time to identify the subject you are shooting, but the result is pleasing to the eye. The quality is nowhere near what the Redmi Note 7 Pro can produce, but the first sample shows that it is capable of producing good details. Dynamic range is much better in pictures taken from the rear camera as seen in the second sample but low light photos tend to be softer with heavy noise reduction.

BATTERY रिव्यु

The Redmi Y3 has the same 4,000mAh battery as the Redmi Note 7 Pro and Redmi 7. This year it seems that a high capacity battery is becoming a standard in all Redmi phones. In fact, the same battery on the Redmi Y3 is slightly longer than the Note 7 Pro.

In our Geekbench battery test, the Redmi Y3 managed to last 693 minutes, which should keep the phone up to the day of usage. PUBG Mobile depleted the battery by about 5 percent after 15 minutes of play, while the 30-minute streaming of Mirzapur on Amazon Prime Video charged about 10 percent.
Xiaomi Redmi Y3 Full Specification
Charging the battery, however, took a lot of time despite Xiaomi introducing the 10W Fast Charger. It takes about two hours to completely top-down the battery which can be a problem if you have to charge in the middle of the day, but given the battery life throughout the day, pushing a top-up at night Should be enough for the whole day.


Redmi Y3
Dimensions (mm)         
158.73 x 75.58 x 8.47
Battery capacity  
4000 mAh
Screen size (inches)         
6.26 (inches)
1.8GHz octa-core

Internal storage

Rear camera

12-megapixel (f/2.2, 1.25-micron) + 2-megapixel
Rear autofocus   Phase detection autofocus
Rear flash   Dual LED
Front camera     

Operating system         
Android 9 Pie

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